How to Use Instagram to Communicate with Difficult Teenagers

Use Instagram to Communicate With Difficult TeenagersThere is a good chance that your teenager might accuse you of being out-of-touch or even detached.  The simple reason for this perception is because most adults do not share the same taste in networking as teenagers do.  Let’s take Instagram as an example.  With smartphones and notebooks proliferating among kids, this social media is quite the rage among children between the ages of 13 and 17.  Because of their constant connection and interaction on this site, it has been established that using Instagram is a great way to initiate communication with teenage children.

What, No More Facebook or Texting?

Parents who have kept abreast of hot teen trends will see that their teenage children most likely prefer to use Instagram as opposed to texting or even Facebook.  The reason is because this portal is seen by these young adults as a great way to share pictures and communicate at the same time.  Have you ever heard the axiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words?”  The picture functionality takes communicating to a whole new level while allowing more engagement into the overall teen social experience.

Why not get involved?  As parents, we can easily get the hang of this powerful tool and use it to our advantage.  For the purposes of our teen’s safety, and without being too obtrusive or critical, we can even manage to monitor our teenagers’ profile, what they are sharing, and how much information and pictures they are sharing online.

If your teen is using Instagram, it is recommended that you play around and learn the basics.  This includes but is not limited to understanding the editing and filtering options for photos, commenting and purchasing apps.  By engaging in their world, you can forge a trusty bond with your child.  Who knows, maybe you can even go App shopping together.

What About Difficult Teenagers?

The idea of using Instagram to communicate with difficult teenagers can be a little more challenging.  Keep in mind that you must be cautious and discreet in your efforts.  Do not snoop around on their profiles and make them uncomfortable by using what you find against them.  If your sensitive young adult feels that trying to be nosy or probing, he will find ways of withdrawing and shut himself out.  This in turn will make it that much harder for you to reach out.

Instead, share a funny picture or a cartoon. Mention casually in a conversation that there was something shared at work that cracked you up, and that you would like to share it on their profile.  Through this type of interaction, you will come to learn what type of involvement your teenager is okay with.  You will also find out if he feels embarrassed and awkward by receiving something from you.

Finding Your Place In Their Space

Some teenagers tend to feel that social media sites are “their space” and adults who enter are only there to intrude on fun and privacy.  It is very important for an intuitive parent to dispel this mindset by communicating your genuine interest and desire to get involved.  Also, keep the chat very limited, light and lively.  The last thing your teen wants is an overbearing parent.  This way, even the difficult teenagers that are often highly emotional and explosive in their reactions might see another side to you.  Consequently allowing them to slowly let go of their suspicions and become your Instagram “friends”.

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