Are You Making These Same Mistakes with Your Troubled Teen

Parenting Mistakes with Troubled TeensThere are many households that have a troubled teen and at least one unhappy parent wondering what mistakes to avoid.  Parenting difficult teenagers is as old as time, but despite all the lessons history has taught, many parents still make the same old mistakes.  Knowing what to do when faced with a troubled teen can help you get through to your child and create a more responsible adult when they grow up.

There are a number of simple and important things to consider when trying to reach difficult teen and help him through this troubled time.  Start by eliminating the common mistakes that parents seem to make when trying to control the actions of their children.  By avoiding these mistakes, you can set up a clear path to reach your teenager.

Letting Your Emotions Take Charge

All too often in the heat an argument words are spoken that instantly create regret.  If you can’t control your emotions, then how do you expect our troubled teen to react?  The first order of business is keeping a reign on our emotions and speaking clearly and calmly to our children to let them know what is expected.  Naturally, arguments will happen and your feelings will rise to the surface.  Keep in mind that you are the adult and controlling your emotions is the key to getting through to difficult teenagers.

Saying One Thing and Doing Another

Consistency is also very important when dealing with your troubled teen.  If you say you are going to do something, then do it.  Keeping your word shows your teen that you take responsibility for your actions.  Over time, being consistent will start to pay off as your teen will see the importance of how keeping your word and following rules actually mean something important.

Trying to Control Thoughts

When arguing with troubled teens, parents often try to change their child’s mind to their point of view.  In essence, the mistake is attempting to get them to think like you do.  They can’t because they are not you and their experiences are much different than yours.  There are simply going to be times in which difficult teenagers are not going to see things your way.  That’s okay, simply agree to disagree on these occasions and move on.

Not Repeating What is Important

There are few things more hollow sounding then the phrase, “didn’t I tell you…” – especially when what you told them was a few months ago.  All too often, difficult teenagers get into trouble precisely because they are testing their boundaries.  As such, it is important to constantly remind them of the important items that they are likely to face so they can make responsible and thought out decisions.

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