Seeing Beyond the Costumes of Troubled Teens

Troubled Teen CostumesTroubled teens can wear many different costumes to cope with issues that may be the core of their problems.  On the outside, you may see a strong, angry, loud and sometimes obnoxious teen.  But on the inside, you may find the complete opposite.  The external façade is an attempt to depress the issues that are troubling them.  It is a cry for help.  The following are a list of items that may be the root of what is causing your teen act the way she does.


A troubled teenager may just be feeling lonely.  If other friends are dating and having fun with the opposite sex this can make a teenager feel very left out.  Adolescence is a time when teens long for companionship and when their sexual drive is at its height.  These are powerful emotions.  When someone isn’t dating or not popular with the opposite sex they can feel unsure of themselves and are sometimes even ridiculed by others.  This can cause a teenager to become troubled as they search for the feeling of worth through the use of external sources such as alcohol, drugs, stealing.

Peer Pressure

The path of a troubled teenager often starts with their friends.  The need to fit in with the crowed may force a teenager to smoke, drink or do other things that thye might not normally do in an effort to fit in with their peers and be considered one of the “cool “kids.  While many kids go through some experimentation particularly with alcohol, this can quickly spiral out of control and become abuse if it’s not addressed.  A teenager may become troubled simply from the desire and need to fit and be accepted by the social group.  This desire to be popular can outweigh common sense and make a teenager take part in the wrong activities.

School Problems and Bullies

A troubled teenager may face many problems at school.  There may be a bully or someone picking on them which cause them to lash out in a negative way.  They may also be failing at courses and don’t know how to seek help.  They may see their failure at their school work as a sign that they aren’t good enough.

Family Problems

If the home life isn’t the best the teenager may become troubled.  This can include not getting along with brothers or sisters or problems with parents.  If there is one parent this can also be difficult for the child to cope.  A divorce or problem with the parents can cause a teenager to draw within and become troubled.

A Facade Hiding the Truth

A troubled teen is hiding something inside and there are many reasons why this occurs.  There’s a need to figure out why the teenager is troubled and then address these issues.  All teenagers will go through at least some difficult times but when it goes on for a long period it can spiral into something worse and needs to be addressed in the appropriate way.

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