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What’s your positive parenting defensive strategy?  How do you reduce the risk of teen related outbursts within your home?  How do you protect your child and your home from outside influences?  How can you influence your difficult teen to acquiesce to your rules and guidelines?

It is often said that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.  If you have any difficulty answering the questions above, chances are you have been unsuccessful in your attempts to prepare.  As such, the results you are experiencing with your adolescent child may be less than desirable.  If this is the case, the Core Modules will provide the parenting answers you’ve been looking for.

After applying the information in the Core Modules you will not only have a fool proof defensive strategy in place, you will also have laid the appropriate groundwork to creating the relationship you’ve always wanted with your teen.  This section is packed with easy to understand information that you can apply to your parenting plan immediately for positive results.

Inside this training section you will find..

Included in Troubled Teen No More   The 3 Simple Yet Effective Components of “Homeland Security”
Included in Troubled Teen No More   Uncover Why Your Past Might Be Inhibiting Your Adolescent’s Future
Included in Troubled Teen No More   The Little-Used Method for Finding Fruit in the Teenage Folly
Included in Troubled Teen No More   How to Avoid the a Parenting Shipwreck with the 3 C’s of PaDREc
Included in Troubled Teen No More   The 5 Emotional Languages of Teens…and How to Know What Language Your Teen “Speaks”
Included in Troubled Teen No More   Reveal the Little-Know “Mechanism” for Always “Seeing” a Misbehaving Teen
Included in Troubled Teen No More   The Transparent Talking Teen Technique… How to Keep Your Adolescent Talking (and Not Arguing)
Included in Troubled Teen No More   What Parenting “SOP’s” Are – And How They Help Maintain Parenting Peace of Mind

Latest Trainings

Homeland Security

The great Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu has been quoted as saying…“The best offense is a good defense…”  In this video series you will learn various vulnerabilities both you and your teen are you are exposed to, and how they present themselves in the form of “attacks”.  Be guided through the process of preparing your own defensive parenting strategy aimed at protecting against these attacks, reducing vulnerability and minimizing damage and recovery time from attacks.

Training the Trainer

Parenting difficult teens requires the development and application of certain “skills”.  In order to raise a productive and responsible adolescent, parents must be able to “transfer” these skills to their children.  Parenting experts agree that children model the examples of their parents actions rather than their words.  If your child is not displaying desirable attitudes or character traits,  even after all of your “talks”, there may be certain key elements of example missing.  Consequently, you simply cannot “pass” what you do not know, and as a result, what you do not exhibit to your child.  Take a deep dive in this section to identify the rudiments of a strong and effective parenting paradigm that will influence your child to be responsible, accepting and service oriented.

The Total Teen Transformation

Finally say goodbye to offensive, intolerable and abusive behavior and regain control of household.  This final section of the program, that fully involves your teen, is only the beginning.    People don’t like change – and that includes your child.  Involving your child in the process to change can be a daunting undertaking.  In order to be successful in your parenting responsibility, you must following the path of least resistance to onboard your teen in this process .  While the topics covered in this section can border on “sensitive”, every effort has been made to organize and deliver the material in a manner that will be more simply be digested by all involved – including your teen.

Positive Parenting for Troubled Teens

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