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Changing difficult teen behavior, positively adjusting adolescent attitude, developing core values and ultimately empowering teens to be respectful, responsible and self sufficient can only be accomplished by first establishing a strong parenting plan and by cultivating a positive parenting base.

No parenting plan is complete without fully understanding the rapidly developing teen (both physically and mentally) as well as clearly identifying optimum goals for guiding your teen .

In this section, you will be guided through a series of exercises that will help you understand the difficulties faced with a maturing adolescent, pinpoint value based goals and create a clear parenting path that can be implemented effortlessly.

Inside this training section you will find…

Included in Troubled Teen No More   The Simple and Effective Way to Identify Your Parenting Purpose, Pride and Passion – So You Don’t Lose Faith
Included in Troubled Teen No More   The Secret to Developing a New Positive Parenting Paradigm Conducive to Raising a Happy, Healthy and Responsible Adolescent
Included in Troubled Teen No More   Answer the Most Commonly Asked Question Parents of Teens Ask – this “No B.S.” Answer May Surprise You
Included in Troubled Teen No More   Uncover the Revolutionary “Formula” for Creating Effective Objectives for Raising, Developing and Guiding Your Child to Empowerment, Responsibility and Success
Included in Troubled Teen No More   Learn an Important Lesson on Perspective from Two Celebrities – and How Your “Point-of-View” May be Influencing Your Teens Negative Behavior
Included in Troubled Teen No More  The Little Known Part of the Teenage Brain That Just May be Causing You Parenting Pain
Included in Troubled Teen No More  10 Tips for Patiently Parenting Past Puberty
Included in Troubled Teen No More   And much more…

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Brainstorming Goals

Identifying the difference between surface desires and core value-based desires is one of the biggest challenges parents face.  With all of the “noise” involved with raising a teen, parents oftentimes divert to reactivity and lose sight of what they really want for their children.  After finishing this section, you will get back on track with the appropriate direction and objectives to raising a strong and independent teen.

Is There Something Wrong With My Child?

When facing the challenges of a quickly changing adolescent child and looking for answers to help make sense of the confusion associated with raising teens, many parents ask this somewhat misleading question.  This section uncovers the reasons (both scientific and non) for “what’s wrong with your child”.  In addition, you will be introduced to a more fundamental question that parents should be asking.  While this new approach is not for the faint of heart, the answer to this question will provide you with the most powerful, positive parenting ammunition available to you.

Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Parents oftentimes develop a sense of guilt or regret when facing the seemingly impossible challenges of a troubled teen.  After arriving at the point where parents feel like they’ve tried just about everything, this common question emerges.  Find the surprising answer to the question you are most likely are asking yourself.  This one section alone can have a profound effect on the effectiveness your parenting ability.

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Positive Parenting for Troubled Teens

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