Welcome to Troubled Teen No More™, Parenting Made Smarter Not Harder.  On behalf of our entire staff we extend to you a great “Thank You” for visiting and supporting our site.  We also applaud you for making the decision to taking the essential steps to develop a productive and peaceful relationship with your teen.

Positive parenting can be challenging.  Maintaining your cool with difficult teens can be troublesome.  Getting through to troubled teens oftentimes seems impossible.  At Troubled Teen No More, we are dedicated to the development and cultivation of simple concepts, ideas and best practices that are all designed to help you raise an empowered, productive and respectful teen – no matter how difficult that may seem.

In this section of the Troubled Teen No More membership site, you will find the essential resources to start your positive parenting plan.  Waste no time and dive into these first four videos so you fully understand all that is included in the Troubled Teen No More Parenting System.

Inside this training section you will find…

Included in Troubled Teen No More The simple-to-follow parenting map for developing an empowered teen
Included in Troubled Teen No MoreThe site navigation video that guides you on a virtual tour of all of the included resources – so you don’t get lost
Included in Troubled Teen No MoreHow to suspend parenting disbelief – even when you feel that your child will never change
Included in Troubled Teen No MoreAnd much more…

Latest Trainings

Troubled Teen No More Welcome Video

In this video you will be guided through a recap of all of the resources that are included with the Troubled Teen No More Parenting System.  Understanding what videos, audio recording, resource guides and bonus material are included is essential to your positive parenting success.

Simple Site Navigation

Knowing your way around the membership area has been made simple by this easy-to follow navigation video.  Take a virtual tour of each section of the membership area so you can progress quickly and clearly through the material and start to reap the benefits of a kind and understanding teen.

Troubled Teen No More Map

Going from mean and obscene to kind and gentle teen is made a snap with this easy as 1-2-3 guide.  This video will guide you on the appropriate path on how to effectively implement the resources of the Troubled Teen Now More Parenting System so you can quickly experience the positive behavioral results and lasting attitude changes you want from your teen.

Suspending Disbelief Video

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything with your teen and nothing has worked?  Do you have concerns or fears that may be holding you back from addressing and implementing your parenting plan?  Are you concerned that perhaps the Troubled Teen Parenting System may not work for you?  In this video, we will identify the key ingredients to getting beyond these and many other feelings of doubt.

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